About Stickman Hero Fight


Stickman Hero Fight belongs to the genre of action and adventure games. The journey against the forces of darkness is the work of these heroes.

Adventure into Stickman Hero Fight

Some instructions in the game

-Wave of thieves ahead, please be careful, General.
-Click the attack button to attack the enemy in front, and long press the attack to make a combo, causing more damage to the enemy.
-There are yellow scarves archers ahead, please be careful, general.
-Be careful of the giant ahead and keep your distance.
-Use skills to consume enemies remotely
-Be careful of air units, try the combo of jumping and attacking

Learn and listen to the instructions to achieve optimal results. The journey to find justice against evil will always be at your fingertips.

Outstanding advantages

  • Character graphics and skills are extremely beautiful
  • Exciting and seamless storyline
  • Quick and compact movement.


Move character with arrow keys or ASWD movies
Click on the skills to use