About Super Jesse Pink


Fun little platformer Super Jesse Pink features classic sidescrolling platformer elements. Recover the crystal that can grant superpowers to aid Jesse. As you move through the area filled with monsters, you must defeat the evil vampire who stole the power of the crystals.

There are fifteen levels in the brief platformer game Super Jesse Pink. Each level can be completed a total of five times, and each time you get three extra lives. If you are struck by an enemy, your life will be taken away. However, if you fall off a cliff, one of your attempts will fail and all of your lives will be lost. You can gain extra lives or special power-ups, or you can stomp and kill enemies to earn points. However, collecting coins won't earn you any points. Instead, for every coin you receive, you will receive one credit. But you won't be able to use those coins until much later in the game. Although there are only fifteen levels, each one is more difficult than those in other classic platformer games and longer. Sometimes a mistake will leave the character stuck and unable to advance. Later levels will have levels that require repeated attempts due to their difficulty.