About Super Mario Jungle World


Super Mario Jungle World is a brand new upgraded Mario game. Our main character Mario will have some changes. The playing method is basically the same.

Playing Instructions

The adventure begins

You will be adventure through many maps. Let's try with simple map first. In 1 map, there will be many levels from low to high. The Mario character you control will have 10 lives. As you move through the levels, you will encounter monsters of different colors. Jump on top of them and kill them. Some monsters like turtles cannot apply this method, you will be pierced by the thorns on their shells and gradually consume the character's life. Items like bananas will gradually increase Mario's life back.

The pitfalls in the game

More obstacles will increase. The different types of monsters in each level also successively increase. You will feel the increased flexibility through your hands. Every challenge will become easier.

Overcoming all difficulties will find joy! Hold on to this maxim so you can break through your own abilities

How to controls

Use the combination of arrow keys and ASWD to move the character and overcome challenges