About Supermarket Empire


Supermarket Empire is a new supermarket that promises to defeat local supermarkets. Towards building a series of modern supermarkets on the market.

The daily job of a small business owner is to face the competition from retailers and other online supermarkets. The price of the product must be reasonable whether it is food, fruit, or any product.


Use mouse keys or arrows to move easier.

Entrepreneurship in the game

Start the game you will be a supermarket employee with an empty supermarket. Collect the first money to build on the shelves and welcome the first guests. Monitor the number of goods on the shelves and add them promptly so that customers do not complain and pay flexibly.

Although the products are purchased quite a lot, the list of goods is still limited compared to conventional foods available on the market. Gathering more money opens up more opportunities to develop in the list of famous businesses. Upgrade your skills and goods or can hire idle workers to automatically help you.