About Sweet Shop 3D


Since it aims to test your skills in time management, how you use your money, how well you can invest, and if you can be prompt in serving your customers, Sweet Shop 3D has been added to our website. We always want to share with you the best customer service games online because we know how much interest this format generates from kids and adults around the world. Let's combine these talents to create this brand-new experience!

Play Sweet Shop 3D online for maximum fun!

As the title suggests, you work in a confectionary establishment where strawberries, a favorite during the summer, are the first item you produce. Initially, use your money to unlock the first plant, the rack, and the counter. The sweets will be produced by the plants; you then take them to the rack, where customers will pick them up, before collecting payment for the produce at the counter. You then move through the store, collecting green marks with numbers written on them, unlocking various features or parts of the store. Continue doing this until the shop is completely full, as this will only attract more customers and increase your sales. Use the on-screen controls if you're playing on a phone or tablet, otherwise move with WASD or arrows. Sell, invest, and expand your company to make it the most well-known candy store in the entire city!

How to play:

Use the WASD/ARROW keys for moving.