About Tetris


Tetris is an old-school puzzle game in which you have to move or rotate the falling tetrominoes to fill the horizontal line at the bottom of the game board. 

Tetris is an extremely popular puzzle game that originated in the 80s. Everyone must have played this game once or even hundreds of times. Now, try playing it again. In this game, your objective is to control the tetromino shapes dropping one by one from the top to complete the lines at the bottom of the game board. When the lines of blocks are created, they will be eliminated and you will gain some points. The more lines are completed, the more points you get. You can rotate the shape if you need to arrange them neatly. Note that the shapes drop faster as you play, so be fast! If your tetrominoes reach the top of the board, the game is over. 

Come on! Click to play Tetris now! Are you a Tetris master?

Features of Tetris:

  • Many levels with varying degrees of difficulty
  • Easy control
  • Colorful graphics

How to play:

Use the “ARROW KEYS” or the mouse to move

Use the “UP ARROW” key to rotate.