About The Smurfs: Cooking


Add some Smurf power to your kitchen in The Smurfs: Cooking! You need to deliver superior chef service to the Smurfs' Village more than ever as Chef Smurf's assistant.
Today's adventure in Smurfs' Village is waiting. This time, you'll be helping Chef Smurf serve delicious food and make everyone happy. Enter the kitchen and easily take charge of everything. Other Smurfs will be seen coming and going with orders for things like cupcakes and hot drinks. You have to get everything ready in advance and serve them as soon as you can. Furthermore, you need to prepare the right orders because the wrong ones will be useless. By paying close attention to your tools and supplies, you can ensure that every Smurf leaves your kitchen happy. Try to complete the stages in this lovely village as far as you can!
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  • Upgrades to unlock
  • Smurf friends everywhere, story coming soon!
  • Upgradeable skills and unlockable cookware
  • Obtaining secret boosters


Use your mouse to choose options and cook the food.