About The Spear Stickman


Because our team is always paying attention to you, dear friends, to see what games and categories you like most from all of our fun games, we have decided that it would be a good idea to continue this marathon of today with a new Stickman Games series game called The Spear Stickman, which is from the ability games category. As you will see, this fighting game is different from others.

Projectile combat is fast-paced in Spear Stickman. You play a spear-wielding stickman who must kill random stickmen on numerous platforms. Your goal is to kill all your opponents before they can get you using a spear and various weapons like bows and arrows. To defeat your opponent, alter your shot angle and aim rapidly with your mouse! A head shot kills instantly, while a leg shot takes several arrows. Aim carefully. Killing stickmen earns apple money, which may be spent in the shop to buy upgrades like metal helmets or Marion-style mushroom helmets! How many stickmen can you kill? Share this game with friends to maximize fun!

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Release Date

July 2017

Who created The Spear Stickman?

Maximiliano is the one responsible for the creation of the Spear Stickman.


Release left mouse button to shoot.