About Title Hot Dog Bush


Hot Dog Bush is an amusing arcade game. Your mission is to help the former president sell as many hot dogs as possible and earn money to pass the level.

You will transform into George Dubya Bush- the former president of the United States. After his term in the White House ended, he started a new job selling hot dogs. Initially, you will be selling at a small store that serves mainly hot dogs. Based on the requirements of customers serve them as thoughtfully as possible. Do not let the hot dog overcook, otherwise the hot dog can not be sold and has to be thrown away. You also should not keep your customers waiting too long, or they will get angry, and then you will not get any tips from them. Try to serve customers to earn as much money as possible. When earning the required amount of money you must earn in a day, you can pass the level and move on a new day. This money also helps you to scale up shop. You will be able to sell more food and maybe get more customers. Let's try to be a big boss, a leader in the fast food business. Good luck with your store.

Features of Hot Dog Bush: 

  • There are many levels for you to try.
  • The number of goods that you can sell increases with each level.
  • A large number of customers makes you serve continuously.
  • Excellent visuals, funny sound.

How to play: 

Use the mouse to control.