About Toddie Fairy Look


Todie Fairy Look is a makeover game for a cute little fairy. The girl was already beautiful. After makeup, she will probably look even better.

Little girls will love these games. We especially share them with you. Hope you can have fun every day besides our games!

Learn the game

Make up for this cute little fairy

Let's start with Local Save to be able to play without registering an account. There are many stages of makeup. From clothes, and hair, to other accessories.

  • Hair: Many hairstyles are combined with different styles. Purple is tied hair, red with 2 buns, blue with 2 bunches of hair, and so on.
  • Shirt: Many different designs: short sleeves, long sleeves, ruffles,...
  • Dress: Short skirts, fishtail skirts, flared skirts,...
  • Shoes: More graceful with shoes with flowers, beads, lace, ...
  • Hats and pets: Not too many accessories you can consider to match your taste
  • Wings: Diverse with different color shapes
  • Hand Accessories: Flowers always accompany this little spirit. Choose the right flower

Finally, there's the background style and some logos if you want to include them.

The scenery is beautiful. The spirit girl was extremely happy after becoming more beautiful. Congratulations on completing the game! May follow up with a few other girl games:


Use your mouse to apply makeup to the elf.