About Totemia: Cursed Marbles


You get to play one of the best bubble shooting games we've ever seen, a game called Totemia: Cursed Marbles! We are aware that you have probably played Zuma Games online before, which should not be at all surprising given that they are some of the most well-known bubble shooting games for computers, browsers, or even mobile platforms.

Shoot some marbles to break the curse!

You will be in control of the frog totem in the middle of each level, and as marbles travel along the path, you must stop them from getting to the other totem, which is at the end of the road, or else you lose.

Shoot the marbles to break them and remove them from the line by hitting at least three marbles that are exactly alike or grouping three marbles together.

No matter how difficult the levels become later on, keep shooting the bubbles, matching them, and eliminating them all from each level. To aim and fire the marbles, use the mouse.

It's really that easy, so get started right away, have fun playing this game the way only this site can, and stay around for all the excitement that's still to come!