About Tug The Table


Tug The Table will help you have relaxing hours with a sports competition. You must control your character to pull the table and become the champion.

You and your opponent will stand opposite, and the table lies in the center of the playing field. Your mission is very simple. You have to pull the table until your competitor puts a leg in the central line, which is you get a star. Vice versa, when you are pulled and put your leg in the central line, your rival will get s star. Play sever rounds until one gets five stars.  Make an effort to get five stars before your opponent does. In addition, on the table, sometimes, there are some dumbbells that may weigh 5, 10, or 15 kilograms. You will need more work hard to win. It is considered a challenge for you. It is said that the gameplay is easy, which is suitable for many people. Play the game to entertain and express stress. Can you become the champion?

The game modes in Tug The Table

  • 1P: In this mode, you will play with a system computer. Let’s press the up arrow key even if the game does not start. You will have more advantages when starting the game first. 
  • 2P: You will play with another person on the same computer. You use the up arrow key to play and your rival uses the W key. The most important thing is your speed. You have to press the key quickly to be able to defeat the opponent. 

How to play

Player 1: Use the up arrow key to play.

Player 2: Use the W key to play.