About What a Leg


What a Leg is a game where you are offered just a pencil. You can safely bring your character to the finish line after completing the legs for the characters.

The rules in games

The competition begins between athletes without legs with the game What a Leg ! Draw the athletes' legs and get them to the finish line as quickly as possible. The runner will run there are many obstacles on the way. On each block, you will have to draw different types of legs to overcome the obstacles. You can play against opponents online in single player mode or you can play in two player mode with a friend.

More information about What a Leg

You will show your talent of drawing artist's feet to overcome many obstacles and reach the finish line as quickly as possible. Single player and double player modes are available, play with your loved ones and family for fun together


  • Web browser
  • IOS and Android


  • Player 1 = Use WASD
  • Player 2 = Use Arrow Keys