About Where is the Water


Where is the Water is a superb and entertaining puzzle game. In this game, your mission is to feed a crocodile by guiding water to the crocodile's cave.

Have you ever fed a crocodile? Have you ever played with a crocodile? Come to this game to enjoy the strange experiences and adventures with an adorable crocodile.

The main character is a little crocodile who is locked up underground and thirsty. You have to guide the water to the crocodile by drawing lines from the ground to the destination where your crocodile lives. The mission is completed when the crocodile drinks enough water. Besides that, remember to collect stars around to receive more points.

The game has various levels which require you use unique strategies to overcome all maps and finish your task. Pay attention to dangerous items such as lave. If lava touches your character, your mission fails

Features of Where is the Water

  • Entertaining and fascinating gameplay
  • Easy controls
  • Various levels with different maps and challenges
  • Collect stars to receive extra points

How to control

  • Slide your mouse to play the game.