About Winter Fairy


The Winter Fairy, also known as Fozzie, is a legendary being that lives beneath the tree in an enchanted cave. As her name implies, she is a fairy whose charms are, if not particularly potent, at least somewhat mysterious. She will be your best friend for many winters to come with the right pixie dust. Of course, keeping her out of the rhyzote and preventing her from creating a crazy mess is a challenge in and of itself. Stocking up on the best green teas is one way to achieve this. Finding a good cup at your neighborhood coffee shop or a large quantity on Amazon is not difficult. She should also possess an enchanted tree of her own.

Maintaining the fairy's happiness is no easy task, especially if she demands praise for her efforts. Fortunately, the aforementioned teddy bear can be located hidden away or perched on a shelf, where her owner can enjoy her for many more winters. The aforementioned enemy partners can also be somewhat of a pain in her side, but not her ego. If you're so inclined, she has been known to possess her own unique abilities, such as the ability to teleport herself to the opposite side of town in an instant.


A computer mouse or a touch screen on a touch screen gaming device, as appropriate.