About Woodturning Simulator


Woodturning Simulator is a wood sculpting game. All work has the contribution of machines, You are the artists who create images and colors for them.

The rough wooden blocks we often do not pay attention to, just through sculpting hands, can become a work of art with a soul and high spiritual value. So what is our mission in this sculpting game?

Define the sculptural image

The first job that the sculptor needs to do is to determine the image to be sculpted. In the game, we will have a round wooden block. The image to be sculpted will appear on the wooden block. Our basic sculpting technique is to use a wood chisel tool and cut around the existing frame.

Then, to the sanding stage for a smoother product surface. Finally, paint. After completing all the steps. We will be graded according to the percentage like the sample product. The capacity of you will be specifically assessed through this score.


  • Pleasant sound while playing
  • Fast game integration
  • Create meticulousness for players

How to controls

Use mouse to sculpt wood