About Worlds Builder


Worlds Builder, a game about alchemy, mastering natural forces, making worlds, building, investigating, and trading, will appeal to players from all walks of life and with a wide variety of interests. Create the universe of your imagination without any boundaries!

You are known throughout the world as a creator of worlds, and you wield the mysterious power of the alchemy of the ancients. In your role as god and ruler of the new world, you will use the natural forces at your disposal to separate the land from the waters and initiate the evolutionary process.

Create new lands, mountains, and woods, as well as construct homes, farms, and workshops, and educate yourself on emerging technological developments. Begin with a little mining hamlet that consists of a sawmill, a few mines, and nothing more. Convert it into a thriving city that is surrounded by verdant wheat fields, dense forests, and tranquil rivers.

Inviting and educating newcomers who will contribute to the growth of your economy is a smart move. Prepare commercial caravans and ships for commerce by outfitting them with the appropriate supplies. Your commands will be carried out by courageous adventurers who cannot wait to set out in the world in search of legendary riches. Do not lose sight of the fact that you do not stand alone in the universe. People who are also world builders, just like you, are ready and willing to either work with you on weekly challenges or compete against you as formidable foes.

  • In god mode, the open sandpit environment can have any and all changes made to it without consequence.
  • A great number of alchemical methods for the production of new minerals and components for the environment
  • Commerce and transportation via land, water, and air
    With training, settlers can obtain particular skills and weak peasants can be transformed into true experts.
  • Clans work together to construct the world, both cooperatively and competitively.
  • Epic competitions each and every week