About Elastic Man


Elastic Man is an entertaining arcade game in which you can be free to play with an elastic face. Drag and pinch his face to relax and reduce stress.

This game has simple gameplay, does not require you to perform any tasks, and you can do whatever you like. You just need to use the mouse to move and play with the character's face. Click and drag your mouse to play this game. Release the mouse to return the face to its original position. This game will suit all ages, with straightforward controls and entertainment.

Baby faces always make us want to pull and pinch because of the cuteness and elasticity of smooth skin. Do you find it interesting to pinch the cheeks of a child's face? A highlight is the movement of the skin. After each time you pull or pinch the face, you will see the return of the face with interesting skin movements. The movement of the face is like sea waves. Do you like to play with smooth skin? Please press the start button of this game to enjoy relaxing moments with the elastic face!

Pinch the cheeks of the face, and stretch the skin to the left or right, up or down. There's nothing that you can't do. When playing with the face, you can release it to enjoy how s skin returns to normal. No matter how much you deform a character's skin, it will return to how it was.

Besides that, the mouth and nose will also bring us entertainment. They look so funny and cute. They will also inevitably distort after each time you play with the character's face. The nose is small, the mouth is always open, and the ears are cute. All these factors help you have a wonderfully relaxing experience.

In addition, keep an eye out for this guy's eyes. Those eyes can move extremely flexibly and follow your mouse pointer. In particular, these eyes will also be dragged and always look at the mouse pointer when you play. So interesting!

The deformation and elasticity of this guy's skin are endless. You can play this game whenever you want with a smart device. Elastic Man is available on our website, and you can easily access this arcade game.
You can adjust the graphics quality in this game with two modes: Medium and High mode. Choose the mode that suits your device and play this game in no time!

This entertaining game will give you great entertainment experiences thanks to its simple gameplay and quality graphics. You can relieve stress and beat depression after playing this game. Have a nice time!

Features of Elastic Man

  • The fascinating and fun game
  • Enjoyable gameplay and easy control
  • High-quality graphics and superb effects
  • A great way to reduce stress
  • No mission

How to play

  • Click and drag your mouse to play the face
  • Release it to make the face return to the original position