About Zombies Attack Again


In Zombies Attack Again, the zombies are attacking once more, but this time it is most likely for the final time. Let us hope that you will be able to successfully deal with this situation, getting rid of all of them as quickly as is possible, escaping from their grave, and using the grave stone as a kind of shield while also using it as a weapon to attack you or defend against you.

The rules

Make sure that you will be able to successfully use the A key in order to hit them with some really powerful punches, giving them no chance to survive in this ambush of hits and punches delivered by you, and of course, after this you will be able to use some spells as well, available, especially if the opponent is far away, by holding the D key and releasing it to shoot.

Begin by selecting your weapon, followed by your character from this animated universe. After that, begin exploring the graveyard, and when it rises a tomb full of zombies, attention to your energy level to be able to use the character's special skills and shoot them all while pressing and holding the S key to hit and hop in order to escape getting attacked by them.

I wish you the best of luck as you try to eliminate all of the zombies in the lowest amount of time possible while evading their attacks and become the most effective zombie killer in history.


  • A to hit
  • D to use skills
  • Move with arrow keys