About 2048 Cupcakes


Because you typically use numbers in this game instead of cupcakes, 2048 Cupcakes is about to be one of the most distinctive puzzle games with this format that we have recently had. However, this only makes the gameplay more delectable and enjoyable, and we are confident that you won't get bored even for a moment!

2048 game using Cupcakes!

When you reach the ultimate cupcake, which is when you win, use the arrow keys to slide the cupcakes into any of the four corners of the screen, merging two of the same kind to create one with more calories. However, be aware that if you get stuck with no more moves available, you lose. As for the cakes:

  • Vanilla Birthday
  • Bubblegum Pink
  • Sunshine Vanilla
  • Valrhona Blonde Ganache
  • Chocolare Peanut Butter Cheescake
  • Chocolate mint fudge
  • Chocolate spider web
  • Toasted marshmallow
  • Cookies and creme
  • Chocolate sundae
  • White chocolate peppermint
  • 2017 Confetti Vanilla
  • Rainbow

You're about to have a sweet, sweet time and tons of fun now that you've understood the format, even if this is the first game in the genre you play, so seize the opportunity right away!

How to play?

Use the arrows.