About Animals Word For Kids


Animals Word For Kids is a language game for kids. It is an important step in the development of a child's thinking. This game will help you get there.

What is Animals Word For Kids?

Nowadays, countries around the world are developing more and more. Children's level is also increasingly improved thanks to communication channels, entertainment, and knowledge-adding games such as Animals Word For Kids.
Useful knowledge of the game

The game is a series of English word combinations. Pictures of animals are available next to them. Children can guess which animal it is. Based on image recognition. Children can guess the English word from the discrete letters provided next to the picture. Drag them into the correct position of the yellow squares below to form a complete and true English word with the animal name in the picture.

Advantages of the game

  • The game brings a considerable amount of knowledge to children
  • More fun with lively and cute animals
  • Have fun with family to support each other and have fun times together

How to controls

Use the mouse to match the letters to make a meaningful word