About Archer Hero


Archer Hero is a game about the adventures of a ninja hero. This ninja guy has a very small figure. His ability to shoot arrows is very skillful.

Our ninja hero always hides his face at each level. We should help him complete his quest to kill the demon. That was his greatest wish.

Adventure with Archer Hero

The enemies in the game

Mostly green-skinned goblins, purple round bats,... They're easy to kill with an arrow. You will have a certain number of arrows in a level. If you shoot them all before collecting more arrows and don't get past these goblins you will lose.

A little tip for you

You can save your arrows by jumping on top of your enemies to kill them. It's a pretty smart method for our players. Go to the "end" signboard to reach the finish line gloriously

How to play

  • Run right= Key "D"
  • Run lefft= Key "A"
  • Attack = Key "K"
  • Jump = Key "W"