About Boom Battle Arena


Boom Battle Arena is an addictive action game in which you have to counter the rivals and find out a hidden castle icon to move on to the next level.

Do you want to be more adventurous? Play Boom Battle Arena now. Your aim is to put a bomb in the strategic position to kill all your opponents and earn coins as much as possible. Use the money you earn to upgrade boosters to make you stronger. Try not to come close to your rivals. After putting the bomb, you need to run quickly away if you don’t want to die from the explosion. Try to find out a hidden castle to step up to the next level. This game includes 5 stages with different  challenges. Do your best to finish all of the stages.

Come on! How powerful can you get in Boom Battle Arena?

Features of Boom Battle Arena:

  • An item shop with various useful items such as hourglasses, bombs, speed shoes, and so on
  • Two characters (Tomato Boy and Pirate King)
  • Multiple maps
  • Nice graphics and melodic sound effects.
  • Play in fullscreen

How to play:

  • MOVE: Press “ARROW KEYS” and “W-A-S-D” keys