About BuildNow GG


BuildNow GG is a construction, shooting, and fighting game genre. You will feel these characters like a moving Lego block. Attack the way you want.

In BuildNow GG any strategy to win can be implemented. After many upgrades, there are quite a few new things for you to discover more in the game. Play and wait for the next updates after that.

When the war goes on

Fighting style

Every space can be created by you. You need to build more ramps, roofs, and walls fast and highest while preparing to face other heavyweights. Can join a party to increase members, increase solidarity, and strengthen to destroy all enemy plots.

Weapon Selection

Don't hesitate between weapons, just get them and practice using them skillfully. Weapons vary in forms such as pistols, pistols, sniper rifles, and even just a pickaxe. Unlimited ammo for all guns.

Unique feature

  • BuildNow GG can customize image quality, limits, and more in the graphics settings.
  • The exclusive game engine allows you to create your ideal customization while playing.
  • Can play in teams


Building in the game

  • V to steep slope
  • Q to wall
  • C to the floor
  • Left shift to roof
  • F to apply the correction
  • F to edit
  • Right-click to reset the edit
  • Scroll down to reset quick edits

Move in the game

  • Control WASD or arrow keys to move
  • Spacebar to jump


  • Z = pickaxe
  • 1 = slot 1
  • 2 = slot 2
  • 3 = slot 3
  • 4 = slot 4
  • 5 = slot 5
  • Left click = shoot
  • Right click = aim


  • M = scoreboard
  • B = emoji
  • P = open chat