About Color Match


Color Match is a color creation game. In the game, we have to create our colors according to the pattern. Unleash your artistic abilities in this game.

Create game-style art. Simple, economical, and extremely convenient to go anywhere. You will have more discoveries about color. How do colors mix to create other distinctive colors?

Color Match game is very attractive

There will be patterns given at each level. There will be delicious fruits such as strawberries, bananas, oranges, and... corresponding to each sample are color jars so that you can mix them and create colors similar to the sample. The similarity will be graded as a percentage. If 100% is achieved, that is the maximum score. That means the color you have blended is the same as the color of the sample.

After that, we will come to the sample staining stage. You will fill the mixed color into a colorless sample. To get a product exactly like the original sample.


  • Fun sounds with extremely realistic colors
  • Enjoying color mixing
  • Suitable for all ages especially children


Use the mouse to manipulate in the game