About Cookie Crush 4


Cookie Crush 4 is a fun puzzle game. Your goal is to fulfill each level's assignments and not exceed the allowed number of moves to create combo chains.

In this game, you must combine at least three delicious cookies, cakes, and donuts to make them vanish from the field. You will get certain tasks at each level. For example, you must disappear 30 red donuts to pass the level, or break the ice covering the cake. However, in each level, you only have a certain number of moves. You need to have a wise strategy to complete the mission without exceeding the specified number of moves. You will not be able to pass the level if you run out of moves and the mission is not completed.

If you are able to combine even more cookies at once, you will be rewarded with plenty of points and unlock some power-ups, such as the ability to wipe off a whole row of candies, make all cookies of a particular color disappear, or swap the two cakes to any position without standing side by side. Unlock all the power-ups to be able to easily pass the more difficult levels behind. Can you advance to the next level? Good luck.

Features of Cookie Crush 4:

  • Simple to play.
  • There are many levels with different difficulties and diverse missions for you to try.
  • Power-ups such as: Swapping the position of two objects that are not close to each other, disappearing all similar shape cakes, and disappearing a horizontal or vertical row.
  • Vivid visual, relaxing sounds.

How to play: 

Use the mouse to play.