About Cutting Grass


Cutting Grass is an online lawn mowing game. The gardens became too overgrown with weeds. Your hands will help them become neater and cleaner.

The job of mowing the lawn sounds simple, but in fact these are zig zag grass growth. It takes meticulous calculations to be able to cut 100% of these grasses.

Explore the game

In the game, you will have to move a circular saw across the grass to cut them. You can scroll horizontally or vertically. The saw blade will only be able to advance towards the end of the path you choose. While moving the saw blade will not be able to turn back or turn to another road.

Advantages of the game

Simple levels from low to high
The graphics are simple but very attractive.
Practice good thinking ability
Playable on any platform without any lag


  • Smart mobile devices: Swipe the screen to start cutting the grass
  • CPU or laptop: Use the mouse to start mowing the lawn