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Play the entertaining and memorable Doc Darling Santa Surgery Christmas game for free. For a free new Christmas game every day, check back.

Christmas is coming up soon, and https://elasticman.co provides tons of entertaining games that you may play over the holiday season. Santa has gotten himself into some difficulty in Doc Darling Santa Surgery and needs your assistance. On Christmas Eve, as Santa is flying through the sky, an airplane unexpectedly arrives in his route. In order to prevent a crash, Santa needs to rapidly direct the reindeer away from the danger, causing the sled to descend quickly toward the ground. Santa unfortunately falls out of the sled as a result of this. Luckily, Santa tries to catch as many of the gifts as he can even if the gift sack proved to be a great glider in this situation since he doesn't want to lose any gifts that are falling freely after all the hard work his numerous assistants have put into making them. Santa always prioritizes the needs of the kids.

Once you've managed to gather the gifts that have fallen, you must arrange your sack so that everything fits nicely inside. Even though Santa's bag is a special one with limitless space, if you want quick access to the right items, you still need to be organized. Santa was hurt in this collision as well, so fixing the damage will undoubtedly be the next step. Doc Darling Santa Surgery transforms this healing process into enjoyable and engaging phases by using a variety of mini-games. These simple games turn healing Santa into a pleasant and engaging experience, from taking off his warm coat so you may more accurately analyze the damage to meticulously cleaning the wounds.

How to play

Use the left mouse button to interact with the game. Doc Darling Santa Surgery is completely compatible with the mouse, allowing you to drag various objects and pick menu items. If you're using a mobile device to play, you can tap the buttons on the screen to select your favourite alternatives.