About Educational Fruity


We all work on children's education because we want all children to get the best education possible through Educational Fruity games. Well, this time you have to put your mind to it and try to get more and more points as you move from level to level in the new game for kids. You do this by fitting vegetables and fruits like bananas, peaches, plums, castravezii, tomatoes, onions, sugar beets, and more, into the patterns you see as quickly as possible. With a lot of care and attention, we have to show that you're good enough to pass all the tasks we've given you, despite the risks and bad scores in the game. This means that you've learned which fruits and vegetables fit exactly where we've put them. Depending on how far you get in the levels of difficulty and how long it takes you to complete all of the tasks, you will be able to earn more bonus points and develop your child's imagination.

How to play

Use the mouse to move the fruits to where they belong.