About Eliza Winter Coronation


Be there for her during Eliza Winter Coronation as she transforms into a princess! Eliza is now ready to ascend to the position of princess in her frozen realm. She needs your support because she is so thrilled to become a significant princess. Can you help her prepare for the ceremony where she will don her crown?

Eliza is a lovely young lady. She is typically very stylish. She needs your assistance in preparing though because this time is different than ever. Because her coronation is so significant, she wants to shine brighter than ever. Despite being a princess, she is a young girl with some flaws and needs a good hairstyle. You will now assume complete control. You will begin by applying her makeup, choosing her outfit, and going through her self-care routine for better skin. You even get to decide which crown you want to give her. When you two are finished, don't forget to take some photos for a lasting memory! Are you prepared to see Eliza's happiest day?


Dress-up game for girls.