About Extermination Of Flies


Extermination Of Files is a game to destroy evil flies. They are very scary flies. They will fill your kitchen with bacteria. Destroy them now.

In humans, these insects always carry bacteria that cause dangerous diseases. They are creeping into your kitchen and holding celebratory parties. They continuously release dirt and a host of other harmful bacteria. You should prevent their growth.

Game Rules

Resist attack

You will start with the first level. It's attacking 2 flies in this level. Dodge and get used to the continuous attack of the flies. They will always attack you. You will have 5 lives on a game screen. If you lose all your lives, you won't be able to pass this level.

The number of flies will gradually increase to the following levels. Movement speed will also increase and attack waves will be more. Do not rush to give up, surrender to difficulties. Try to move back and forth and attack continuously. You will discover the secret to victory.


  • The colors, images are fun and outstanding
  • The high difficulty, need to play more to master
  • Simple levels and objectives


Move and attack with arrow keys