About Fantasy Madness


Fantasy Madness is a wild jungle fighting game. Your character will go to destroy the monsters in the forest. Surviving as long as possible is always your goal.

What will fight in the jungle have to be remarkable and valuable lessons in life? The spirit of optimism in the forest will be very different from our prosperous world. Full of dangers, pitfalls are always lurking. Difficulties will become your joys.

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Characters in the game

You can start with the only character that can be used. It was a character holding a blue staff that could use magic. He also has golden horns on his head that are used for camouflage when fighting. The character will launch a continuous magic attack. You just need to move him to dodge the monsters and bullets will be fired to them. When the monster dies, they will drop different large and small purple pearls. Pick them up, they are the experience that helps you level up.

Pets in the game

Due to having fought in the forest for quite some time. So maybe having a few pets is evident in the game. After leveling up, you will have the ability to acquire a few pets to help you fight such as rabbits, bees, ... and a few other abilities such as creating hedges of thorns to block monsters, mushrooms that increase power experience,...

Options in the game

In this tool, you can set the music volume and sound according to your preferences. Fullscreen can be adjusted for better fullscreen gameplay. Some other modes performance mode,
enable damage details.


  • AWSD or namespace keys to move
  • Space to dodge
  • I open/close inventory