About Fill Fridge


Fill Fridge is a game of putting food in the fridge. Sometimes our food is too much. If you do not know how to arrange it, you will not be able to preserve it.

Every day, we will usually buy a lot of different foods. From fresh food to canned food, bottled drinks, etc. Besides, preserving it is also a process.

Game Info

What to do when arranging things?

The refrigerator in our game has only 2 compartments. The dishes will vary in size and quantity. So sorting will also need a little calculation. During the arrangement, if food and drinks fall, they will not be able to stand up again. The food in the horizontal state will take up a lot of space, so be careful. Don't let them fall.

Food classification

Let's practice sorting and arranging them in the right places. Similar categories should be placed together. The classification will help us get through the levels. After participating in the game, we are sure that you can learn the arrangement of food in real life. This is a skill that everyone should have


Use the mouse to move all items to the fridge by drag