About Frog Jump


Frog Jump is a game about cute green frogs. Many traps make our frog unable to stand still. Help this cute frog out of the trap! Play more fun with Frog Jump!

Infomation of Frog Jump

How do cartoon frogs move and jump? The character in the game is a flexible frog. In the game, there will be a circular wooden wheel that always revolves around the frog. Following it are bacteria everywhere. They are slowly approaching our frog. You will be in charge of helping the frog jump up and avoid these bacteria.

You will conquer the speed through each level of play. Stay focused you will get used to it and master the speed. Flexibility in your hands is key to winning the game. Play more to gain the confidence to conquer challenges.


  • More fun with pictures of frogs and bacteria.
  • More attractive with the sound of the game
  • Smoother when playing and has no lag


Use the mouse to control the frog to jump to avoid obstacles that appear unexpectedly