About Fruit Cut Master


Fruit Cut Master is fruit cutting game. Is cutting fruit really simple? It requires you to utilize your dexterity and speed to cut as many fruits as possible.

In Fruit Cut Master, variety of colorful fruits. All fruits after being cut will be put into the blender to make extremely delicious and nutritious smoothies.

How fun is Play Fruit Cut Master?

Accuracy when cutting fruit

This is a very important rule in this game. It will help you pass the levels easily. Requires you to play quite a lot to achieve this accuracy. If you miss you will lose and start over with this level.

Game modes

The fruits will be rotated in the air with many different shapes. When you cut a turn, will appear the next turn they will change form and speed can also change unexpectedly after each cut.


  • The design space is easy to see, airy
  • Simple controls are easy to get used to
  • The game structure is diverse and interesting


Use mouse to cut fruit