About Garden Bloom


As always with these puzzle and arcade games, we are delighted to add Garden Bloom to our website. It is a charming and adorable match-3 game, and girls are especially encouraged to try it out since the objects you need to match are flowers that are growing in a mother and daughter's garden!

Let's make the Garden Bloom through matching!

When two flowers are close to one another, you can use the mouse to swap the flowers between them. By doing this, you can create rows of three or more identical flowers in a row, get rid of those flowers, and score points.

If you want to finish a level, concentrate on matching the flowers because if you run out of moves and the targets haven't been hit, you lose.

When special items show up in the garden, try matching them and using their unique abilities to blow up flowers more quickly or all at once.

You should definitely give this game a shot right away now that you have a better understanding of how it works, and we hope you'll check out more of our daily content after that.