About Godzilla


In our monsters games category you can now become Godzilla online, probably the most iconic monster in all of the pop culture, and, you've guessed it, this is also one of the newest destroying games online 3D we've got here, since this is the best combo possible, and you should get yourselves ready for one hell of a ride!

Become Godzilla and destroy!

Destroy all your targets, as you are given a number and type of buildings, vehicles, and other things to destroy in order to finish each level.

As you progress, the targets get bigger and harder to handle. Humans might also start to attack you, in which case you should also destroy their tanks, helicopters, and troops with weapons.

Nothing should get in the way of the king of monsters, so start right now, have fun literally ruining things around you, and tell your friends about our great games too.

How to play

  • Move the monster with WASD.
  • Click mouse to use any of these skills, click the attack, laser, or run button.