About Goodgame Big Farm


Enjoy an interesting rural lifestyle with a farm of your own in Goodgame Big Farm! You are in charge of preparing your fields for planting and harvesting as well as, of course, breeding your own cattle and pigs! Additionally, you'll need to demonstrate your commercial acumen by putting your products on the market. You can keep improving and extending your farm with your earnings until you're the best farmer in the entire world!

Build your own farm

  • Become a successful farmer
  • The number of buildings and upgrading tiers is over 45.
  • Over 90 distinct products
  • Decorate your farm in over 100 different ways.

Produce your own goods

  • Believable production schedules
  • Grow pigs, cows, and chicks.
  • Sell your products globally.

Discover exciting events

  • Build Caribbean-style farms on distant islands
  • Take on challenging tasks in a variety of events.
  • Join missions where you can battle other farmers, and create your own bizarre agricultural equipment.

More contact with the community

  • Updates every week with fresh and fun game material
  • Message more than 35 million players globally.
  • Exclusive system of cooperation and research
  • Quick in-game assistance in your native tongue