About Happy Cat Puzzle


Happy Cat Puzzle - Draw A Line and Fill the Glass. Find the most efficient way to pass each level. Be imaginative and don't be afraid to think outside the box because you can come up with your own solution! Although some levels may seem simple, let's see if you can actually earn all three stars.


To fill the glass with water balls, draw a line that connects to the vessel. Try your hardest to finish the level. Create your own solutions to show creativity and originality.


Key Features

  • Simple, smart and fun puzzles but challenging too
  • There are 2 mode: Normal, Challenge
  • 370 + exciting and fun levels
  • Develop your logical skills
  • Train and improve your brain with hundreds of funny levels

Can't figure out the secret to playing Happy Cat Puzzle? View the Happy Cat Puzzle tutorial for assistance in obtaining the cheats. Enjoy the fun of playing the game in the Happy Cat Puzzle video tutorial down below.