About Hero Turtle


Hero Turtle is a game that controls a cute turtle. The tortoise is quite old and still very agile. Avoiding pitfalls will become your expertise.

With extremely attractive graphics, the image of an old turtle, and the forest scene with countless flying fireflies can bring funny moments. The comfort of adventure in this forest is amazing! We hope you will feel the same way as we do.

Adventure with turtles

Dangerous pitfalls

The arduous road will be opened. Our turtle will always move forward at a pretty fast pace. And you won't be able to go against your path. The turtle will have to encounter many pitfalls along the way. First, we will see a lot of stumps with pink thorny vines, long rivers, dead holes, huge spinning darts, etc. When we get caught in these traps we will not pass this level.

The only way is to jump and fly with the towel hidden inside the turtle shell. It will be like a parachute that helps us to fly and overcome the pitfalls. River hippos can help you cross rivers faster. Curl your body to break and overcome tricky terrain.

The game is not complicated. Requires flexibility, handling your situation quite a lot. Don't be too hasty and nervous when you fail. Try starting over if you lose.


Use the mouse to control the turtle to overcome all difficulties in the game