About HexAquatic Kraken


If you are searching for high-quality match-3 games to play online, you should start playing HexAquatic Kraken right now. This is something that we are always working hard to deliver you. That's why we're sharing this great new game with you right now, because we know it has everything you could want, and in the next part of this article, we'll tell you how to play it easily!

Meet the HexAquatic Kraken and match items for fun!

At the beginning of each level, you will be assigned a target score that must be achieved in order to go to the next level. You do this by matching the aquatic items by drawing lines between them when they are next to each other. There must also be at least three of them.

The longer the lines you make, the closer you get to your goal. This is important because you're playing against time, so make sure you finish all the stages before the time runs out.

The better and faster you are, the more stars you will get, and we really hope it is always 3 out of 3. Now that you've got everything, it's time to start having some fun! Try to finish as many levels as you can, and we hope to see you around for a lot more fun in the future.


Gameloft SE

How to play?

Use the mouse.