About HideNSeek3D


HidenSeek3D is a fun arcade based on the traditional game, Hide and Seek. In this game, you only complete the mission when seeking all hiding children.

Hide and seek is one of the most loved games by children. This is the simple yet fun game that inspired us to make this game, HidenSeek3D, where you can immerse yourself in the game in your childhood memories.

This game is an interesting Hide and Seek game simulation. Your mission is to find all the children hiding throughout the building. Search every nook and cranny in all the rooms and get the kids out. There are many levels in this game. The latter level is more difficult than the previous one because there are more kids and more rooms. HidenSeek3D will bring your memories back. Let's show off your searching skills! Good luck!

Features of HidenSeek3D

  • Attractive game based on the traditional Hide and Seek game
  • Simple mechanics and easy controls
  • Various levels with many different challenges

How to control

  • Use WASD or arrow keys to move
  • Click to seek