About Jim Loves Mary 2


Jim Loves Mary 2 is a game about the love of Jim and Mary. This couple loves each other very much. Let's help them be able to come together and live happily.

Jim wanted to be with Mary. But their families prevented them from being together. Jim led Mary on the run. The couple fled to a wild forest so that no one could find them. Here they will have to fend for themselves. Overcome all the difficulties and challenges of the forest to be together. Love is so powerful. Bless them.

How to play the game?

The parallel existence of two characters

Jim's personality is so strong that he can jump very high. If the hearts are too high for Mary's strength, ask for help from the character Jim. Because Mary's body is quite small, she has the advantage of being able to squeeze through narrow crevices that Jim cannot.

Mission to cross the map

In the jungle there will be other scary wild animals such as wild bees, spooky tree trunks that attack continuously, and deep pits full of thorns ... when you hit the bullets, you will gradually lose your hearts and you will fail in this level. Each level will have 3 hearts on the map. You will have to collect these hearts and eventually let the 2 characters come together. You will become the winner.

Can they get together? This is still a mystery waiting for you to answer. Don't give up hope if you lose.


  • Jim: Use ASWD to move
  • Mary: Use arrow keys to move