About Kick the Buddy


About Kick the Buddy

We are pleased to introduce you to Kick the Buddy, a game that is more than just a stress reliever and more than just a relaxing game. It is easily one of the most engaging and action-packed interactive games currently available. Kick Buddy is one of the most calming games for relieving stress since it allows you to smack the doll and distracts you from your frustrations. When one is otherwise idle, one might pass the time playing this entertaining game.

Do you want to win by slapping and punching the ragdoll, or would you rather win by beating the boss? Do you want to wreck everything in your path in this destructive game? Do you want more of a rush?

Explode, shoot, smash, freeze, throw, send the gods' power, and don't stop. You have many more alternatives. You now possess a formidable arsenal that includes rocket launchers, grenade launchers, automatic weapons, and even a nuclear bomb to use against your enemies.


  • Various weapon items
  • Sharp images, smooth action
  • Rich changing sound


By Playgendary


  • Kick the Buddy with your finger on a smartphone or tablet.
  • PCs have keyboards and mice.