About Lane Rush Pro


Lane Rush Pro is a level racing game. The speed in the game will be quite slow. Simpler operation with basic keys.

Simulation of modern racing cars. The game has produced outstanding racing cars. You will become outstanding racers when participating in the game. Prove your talent through the game.

Learn the game

Conquering the racetrack will make you extremely excited. With the shape of racing on flat terrain and the type of short and closed race. The pitfalls that appear on the track will create sensitivity for you. Collect gold coins on the track to upgrade yourself to the latest racing versions in Lane Rush Pro.

The game is like a useful playground for young people who want to find new feelings about today's modern racing games.

Game genre

The game belongs to the racing entertainment genre with many skills you often find in the characteristics of other racing genres.

How to play

Use the arrow keys to play the game Lane Rush Pro.