About Marbles Garden


Marbles Garden is an exciting arcade game in which you have to shoot marbles to match three or more identical marbles to eliminate them and kill evil golems.

Play this game now and try to protect your garden from the evil golems. Your mission is to control the cannon to shoot marbles to connect 3 or more identical marbles to remove them. If you can eliminate constantly, you will claim a special projectile which can be matched with any marbles. Besides, try to shoot at the stardust in the garden to collect it. Be fast as the stardust will disappear after a few seconds. Attempt to collect as much stardust as possible to form an extra star. Do your best to remove all marbles and defeat the evil golems to get a victory and move on to the next level. You will get a star and new power-ups after winning a level. Use the stars you have to activate power-ups. This game features 2 kinds of power-ups including Element Power-ups and Chain Power-ups. If you want to use Element Power-ups, try to destroy constantly the marbles. The Chain Power-ups will appear randomly on the marbles in the chain. 

There is a total of 60 levels with different degrees of difficulty. Try your best to complete all of them and have fun. This game will hook you for hours to play and forget the time.

Features of Marbles Garden:

  • 60 challenging levels
  • Various power-ups to use
  • Simple controls
  • Satisfying 2D graphics and catchy music

How to play:

Use the mouse to aim and shoot balls