About Mental Hospital Escape


Mental Hospital Escape is an intriguing puzzle game in which you have to find a way to escape from a mental hospital by using items in the room.

Mental hospitals are not a place for entertainment. This place is home to a lot of mentally ill patients. However, you are an exception when you have recovered from your illness and want to go out without your doctor's permission.

In order to complete this wish, you will have to search around the room for hints. There are many items hidden in the room such as keys, socks, hammers, spoons, etc. You can use the key to open the door and escape. However, that was the case when there was no doctor on watch. If there is a doctor, you should go through the back door or find other creative ways of escape.

Features of Mental Hospital Escape

  • Fun and exciting gameplay
  • Various levels with many challenges
  • Cool graphics and effects
  • Many items in the mental hospital

How to control

  • Use your mouse to play the game.