About New Looney Tunes Gone Fishing


New Looney Tunes Gone Fishing is a fishing game with a funny bunny. Fishing Rabbit! Sounds like a lot of fun, doesn't it? Let's start the game.

Fishing goes on continuously for rabbits. So let's make your job more comfortable. While waiting for the fish to bite, you can let the rabbit relax by reading a book or eating carrots. Or you can click on objects in the background such as frogs, dragonflies, etc. to have moments of light entertainment.

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Fishing method

The game revolves around a little rabbit. The air is extremely fresh and the light is full. The life of the rabbit here is so peaceful. When the rabbit has used the boat to hold the pond, fishing will begin. drop the hook into the lake. When a fish is jerking, keep clicking to catch it. Click the icons to power up more favorably for fishing.

Items under the lake

There exist many different types of fish with different weights such as Minnow Pike fish, Oarfish, Jellyfish, and Catfish,…. Fish a lot to break their weight. In addition, it is also possible to fish all kinds of waste from the lake. Many times received Hats of different colors.

There will be times when we try our best but we can't pull up any fish. Please try next time. Various types of fish with new shapes and names are waiting for you.

How to controls

Use your mouse to fish in New Looney Tunes Gone Fishing