About Nitro Tuk Tuk


Nitro Tuk Tuk is a racing game of monkeys. This is a pretty familiar race car. It is very easy to control with a few basic operations. You will master it.

We will be the special monkey character among the monkeys here. Concentrate on the road ahead. You will win!

How to play the game?

There will be 4 lanes in the game. You can move into any lane you want. But make sure that the road is clear of any obstacles.

When the vehicle is moving, the fuel consumption will be increased. If the fuel runs out, the race will not be able to continue. On the track, there will be many fuel tanks scattered about. Collect them to get to the finish line.

Challenging race track

There will be notice boards about the dangers ahead. Pay attention and dodge before they appear. The pitfalls can be muddy puddles, roads under repair, full trucks, etc.


  • Play easily on any platform, anywhere you want.
  • The key is less easy to control.
  • Pictures of monkeys are extremely stylish


Use the mouse or arrow keys to control the game