About One Hand Cowboy


One Hand Cowboy is a shooting game with a cowboy. His shooting skills were at their peak. He can use one hand to accurately shoot at that tiny target.

The game context revolves around the distant expeditionary domain. This is the golden age of this cowboy. Become the ultimate cowboy and step into the challenges with just one shoot.

Explore the game

You will control the cowboy's gun so that his bullet can break the target in the game. At each level, the stele will be reached in different high or low positions. At higher levels, the stele will move. The difficulty will increase significantly.

Gun control method

You will get instructions at the beginning of the game. Let's apply this guide to the first level of the game. Your talent for selling guns will be determined right from this level. Nothing is impossible. Confident to become the best cowboy here!

How to play

Use the mouse to control the gun to shoot the target.